Wholesome Addiction


Podcast 381: Guest Sera Moon

Podcast 381: Join us this week as the completely lovely Sera Moon stops by the cast to talk to us! That’s right we’ve got a girl on the show and some awesome sexy news going on. I mean, all this plus Beef learns what TikTok is really for. Link to the Show Notes

Podcast 380: Guest Monica Mars

Podcast 380: This week we have the amazing and talented guest Monica Mars hanging out with us on the show! She’s got great stories a fantastic outlook and – like all of us – she’s a little in love with Beef. I mean, who isn’t ya know? 

Podcast 378: Listener Letters!

Podcast 378: This week on the show we take some time out to answer some of your questions! Its always some of the most fun we have on the cast when we read and answer questions from you guys and this week is no exception. Join us! Link to the Show Notes

Podcast 371: News & Letters

This week we’ve got a slew of news like falling angels, soap dispensers, Jessie Jane is a bit bitey (and Sean is fine with that) free cam girls to folks stuck on a boat, and once again – Beef loves sounding. Join us! Direct Download Link: Download MP3 Link to the Show Notes

Podcast 366: Back Ended

Podcast 366: It’s a slightly ‘Back Ended’ show this week as we tackle things that happened in people’s rear-ends in 2019. The Operator isn’t here for this one so its just Sean and Beef getting it done this week! Direct Download Link: Download MP3 Link to the Show Notes

Podcast 365: Guest Amberly Rothfield

Podcast 365: Guest Amberly Rothfield. For the first show of the 2020 year we bring back our favorite guest ever! Yep, that’s right the completely awesome and talented Amberly Rothfield is back on the show for more crazy! Join us for a wild ride, Beef even blushes. Amberly Rothfield Website [Here]