We are Wholesome Addiction! Topics on our show can range from discussions of new adult entertainment releases to more serious conversations about relationships and sexuality. They often discuss the latest trends and news in the adult entertainment industry, and provide their opinions and commentary on these topics. 

Our Latest Shows

Cast 561: Beef has 13 Years!

That’s right you guys Beef has been casting for 13 years! We are so proud of him. Our friend Wing was so proud he stopped by the cast to hang…

Cast 560: Listener Letters

Sometimes I don’t know what to make of the show or how to describe it. But with Abby lobbing Bull Testicles and hidden stripper poles over the plate it gets…

Cast 559: To Teach or To OF?

Is it better to be a teacher or an OF model? That is not even a question. Yet it did make the news this week. Of course, there isn’t much…

Cast 558: Stay on Topic!

Join us this week as we attempt to stay on topic. I did say attempt, because if I’m honest that didn’t exactly go well. There are topics my friends, and…

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