We are Wholesome Addiction! Topics on our show can range from discussions of new adult entertainment releases to more serious conversations about relationships and sexuality. They often discuss the latest trends and news in the adult entertainment industry, and provide their opinions and commentary on these topics. 

Our Latest Shows

Cast 533: Kate Mara and 2 Year Old Email

Its a funny thing. The older you get the less direction some things have and the more direction others seem to get. This is one of those times where both…

Cast 532: A Glitch in the Matrix

This week Beef, Jake, and Sean tackle a video Beef found that started off as a wicked awesome pool video then took a turn – for the worse. However I…

Cast 531: Listener Letters

You didn’t ask for it and we’re gonna give it to you! That’s right you’ve had the best Now try the rest with the new and improved Wholesome Addiction Listener…

Cast 530: Babblecast

In this cast, there is no plan. Or perhaps there was one but we did not adhere to it at all. However in this show Abby, Jake, and Sean just…

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