The Wholesome Addiction Podcast is a popular podcast that discusses a range of topics related to sexuality, relationships, and adult entertainment. The podcast was first launched in 2012 and has since gained a large following, with new episodes released on a regular basis. 

The cast is hosted by Beef and Sean and they often have guest speakers join them to discuss various topics related to sexuality, adult films, and relationships. They have a casual, humorous style of conversation that is designed to make listeners feel comfortable and engaged. 

Topics covered on the Wholesome Addiction Podcast can range from discussions of new adult entertainment releases to more serious conversations about relationships and sexuality. They often discuss the latest trends and news in the adult entertainment industry, and provide their opinions and commentary on these topics. 

While the Wholesome Addiction cast covers adult topics, it is not a pornographic or visually explicit podcast. The hosts aim to create a comfortable and inclusive space for listeners to discuss and learn about sexuality and relationships. They often take a humorous approach to these topics and aim to provide an entertaining and informative listening experience.

Who is that girl in the Wholesome Addiction logo?

Her name is Laila and she is a succubus. Our friend Tera over at succubus.net wrote an awesome story about her and how she became what she is. We highly recommend checking it out here!