Podcast 375: The Birth of B’anal

Podcast 375: With the country on hold this week I figured since I already have this edited I might as well release it! So, on this week’s show, we have: frozen potatoes do not go in your butt, girls make porn magic not the sets, strip club deal with the apocalypse in fine style, and … Read more

Podcast 374: Corona Virus Cast

Podcast 374: I wanted to start off this cast with ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’ but I don’t have the musical chops for it… also copyrights, instead we are just releasing it a few days early. So, with that out of the way, we can get down to some nasty, … Read more

Podcast 373: News and Listener Letters

Podcast 373: We return as a three this week and cover a whole range of topics from Yep X, to Sean’s addiction to a certain donut to how hot Hailee Steinfeld has gotten. Yeah, we don’t know where it went weird either but this does happen sometimes. To follow along and check out the show … Read more

Podcast 372: Guest Asstyn Martin

Podcast 372: This week we are joined by the talented and lovely Asstyn Martin! We loved chatting with her and can’t imagine you won’t love it as well! Join us as Asstyn drops some knowledge on us and we go over a little bit of sexy news as well!  To follow along and check out … Read more