Podcast 336: The Best of the Best

Podcast 336: The best of the best, of the best. That is the question Sean ponders on today’s show. Don’t ask us, we aren’t sure what’s wrong with him either. We just sort of learned to roll with it. This episode is sponsored by friend of the show Ken – who supports our lazy! To … Read more

Podcast 335: Listener Questions and 80’s Ladies

Podcast 335: This week we don’t cut our manhood up. We don’t cut our manhood up and we don’t punch extra holes in it – except for Beef. We do some news and read some of your letters which got us down memory lane with our 80’s favorites and Paige Spiranac hits one hell of … Read more

Podcast 334: Guest Linsey from LJForeplay

Podcast 334: Special Guest Linsey from LJForeplay joins us on the cast this week! You know, the girl who got kicked out of a con for not stopping sucking on a phallus-shaped lollipop. Yep, the one and same. Join us for Linsey and stay for the listener questions afterward – it should be a fun … Read more

Podcast 333: Hot Angry Yoga and Other New Sexiness

Podcast 333: Hot, Angry… yoga. Honestly, Yoga pants and girls cussing up a storm sounds pretty awesome. This week Beef has a detachable appendage, Sean orders a tent and we check out one sexy koala bear. You heard me right, koala bear. Look, seriously, this is what happens when we skip a week. It’s not … Read more