Podcast 423: Tats, Ripley, Science, and Starch – Oh My!

Podcast 423: We are blown away by a pair of girls with tats, Beef has a major thing for Ripley, and more news from studies we can’t believe were funded in the first place. All this plus what semen smells like on this fine episode of Wholesome Addiction! To follow along and check out the … Read more

Podcast 422: Current Topics and Some Nasty Watching Material

Podcast 422: Do you think Lola Bunny is hot? Are you concerned about humans not having sexual relations as a trend? Perhaps you think hiding that you work on the outskirts of the porn industry from your other half is disturbing? Join us for those topics and more of ‘What Sean is Watching’ on this, … Read more

Podcast 421: Tattoo’s and Listener Letters

Podcast 421: This week on the show Sean gets a Wholesome Tattoo from artist Mcfarland Campbell and is over the moon about it. After that, we tackle some listener letters and generally bash on Sean for a while because it’s fun.  To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE