Podcast 197: Down To Business

This week we go over some uber-hot clips the Operator has found for xmas hotness that will keep the fapping fires burning bright. Sean is surprised by his other half. And beef makes some arrangements for the future. Yes its down to business this week on WA and business is good. Join us!

Podcast 196: Not Star Wars

Honestly it doesn’t matter what this show is about this week. Why is that Sean? I’m glad you asked that valued listener! In truth it doesn’t matter what this show is about because its not Star Wars. And because its not Star Wars but is released on the same day as Star Wars it is … Read more

Podcast 195: Listener Questions

This week on the show we decide to catch up on some much-needed listener questions. So we take a little time to run down a few great ones from you guys!

Podcast 194: Sex Then vs. Now

Sex back in the day vs. Sex now. It doesn’t seem like it’d be that much different and the act itself really isn’t. It’s the attitude towards it that’s changed a great deal. This week we go over how that has really affected us as humans.