Podcast 451: Eggs and Beef

Podcast 451: As far as we can tell there just isn’t anything that should have gone right this week: The Operator was coming off a 60 hour work week, Sean was recovering from flu, and as far as we could tell Beef was hangry. We got it anyway like the true professionals we are! Join … Read more

Podcast 450: Guest: Sensual South

Podcast 450: The Ken and Charlie of the Sensual South podcast stop by the cast and talk lifestyle and how sexy time works in the South. We are completely excited to have them on the show with us and have rarely met a couple that we respect more than them! Join us for close to … Read more

Podcast 449: Does Grimes Have Weird Thumbs

Podcast 449: This week on the show: Sean can’t breathe, Beef is suspicious, and Operator and Sean have issues with Grimes’ thumbs but Beef loves her anyway. Yeah, it’s gonna be that kind of a show this week.  To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE

Podcast 448: The Sex Cults Episode

Podcast 448: This week we discuss sex cults apparently. We didn’t line all these stories up on purpose but they did seem to land all in one cast – not exactly sure how that happened but here we are, dealing with it like the pros you’ve come to rely on for terrible focus and shotty … Read more

Podcast 447: Porn Scouts Honor

Podcast 447: There were no threesomes happening during the recording of this show – Porn Scouts Honor! Sean suggests some rather tasteful and low-key videos and then in the news, there are a ton of messed-up people doing weird things without clothes on. Join us! To follow along and check out the show notes they … Read more