Podcast 459: Guest: Amberly Rothfield – Part 2

Podcast 459: Welcome to part 2 of the Amberly Rothfield interview! Guess what, she’s on a train! In what Sean thinks is the best story ever Amberly recounts one of the strangest calls she’s ever had a sex line operator and Sean totally agrees. Join us for just the best thing ever! 

Podcast 457: Last Beefy Goodness of 2021

Podcast 457: This will be the last cast with all three of your hosts this year. We’ve got a great interview lined up for the actual last cast of 2021 but this will be the last one with Beefy until 2022 – Join us!

Podcast 456: Tales of The Weird

Podcast 456: Join us for some weird insights into the world of the strange. Sean apparently has a thing for homeless goth girls, Beef is going to start searching for the Blair Witch, and the Operator round things out by being relatively normal by all accounts.  To follow along and check out the show notes … Read more