Podcast 329: Sexy News

Podcast 329: What do R. Kelly, Tie Pods, RDJ, U.S. birth rates, and Cheetara all have in common? They are all topics that come up on our newscast this week! Like Luke on a bombing run we “Stay on Target” and never drift from our selected subject matter. You can count on us! To follow … Read more

Podcast 328: News and Letters

Podcast 328: This week on the show we tackle a backlog of listener questions, Beef makes a jingle, it’s pointed out to us that we are, in fact, S.O.B. then we fathom the deep questions of our time. A normal Sunday night! To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found … Read more

Podcast 327: News: Mega Brothel

Podcast 327: This week we take you through a backlog of news and other assorted sundries. It’s pretty much the norm: ghost sex, bad parenting, labia fillers, and mega-brothels. Just in a day’s work here at the ol’ salt mine.  To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE

Podcast 326: Listener Questions

Podcast 326: In this episode, we break Beef. Okay, we don’t per se, really a listener does, then we make Beef live through it. It’s listener questions this week and man are there some great ones! As we said, Beef may be right one day but that day won’t be soon. “Gentleman, let’s broaden our … Read more