Podcast 404: Guest Britney Amber

Podcast 404: We are so excited that Britney Amber stopped by the show to talk to us this week. We all had a super crush on her for different reasons. Seriously ya’ll if we fed all the things we wanted into a computer, Weird Science style, the Kelly Lebrock that would step out of the … Read more

Podcast 403: Listener Letters

Podcast 403: This week we do listener letters! That’s right, the inbox can only get so piled up before even we must clear it out. This week is that time. So join us for a bit of you on the show! To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE

Podcast 402: Things We Don’t Do

Podcast 402: This week we bring it all back to business on the show. There isn’t any wandering, Sean stays completely on topic, all the time, we don’t geek out about how sexy Romi Rain is, and we don’t talk about the Autoblow at all. These lies and more on this episode of Wholesome Addiction! … Read more

Podcast 401: Guests: Amberly and Dani Rothfield

Podcast 401: In episode 401 we have our absolute favorite person in the world back on the show – Amberly Rothfield! And not only does she join us for just under two hours of content for you guys she brought her wife Dani with her! I could tell you we stayed on topic and were … Read more