Cast 523: The Last of the V8 Interceptors

This is the last cast of that single night where four friends sat in front of a mic for 4 hours and couldn’t quit smiling or talking. We vibed that night so hard it was only broken up by the need for sustenance and the occasional need for Abby to check explosions in the hallway. … Read more

Cast 522: Good Smells and Trimming

Okay, we did a show, it was good. We were all there and things happened but really Strange New Worlds opened yesterday and Nurse Chapel was on my screen again. Do you think she smells like vanilla? Cuz I think she looks like she smells like vanilla – perhaps mixed with a little lilac. Kind’ve … Read more

Cast 521: Double Vaginas & Ice Cube Play

So we roll into this cast a fireball of direction and focus with some hard-hitting conversation about nothing we are supposed to be talking about, then eventually wind up with double vaginas, elephants that can swat flies with their junk and ice cubes put places they aren’t meant to go. You’re Welcome!