Podcast 412: Guest Jessica Starling

Podcast 412: This week we are joined by the completely sexy and talented Jessica Starling. In this the last cast released in 2020 we talk about trends in the industry, Operator flips out about Jessica’s POV work, we find that Jessica is something of a manhood expert – oh, and Sean is painfully hungover. Merry … Read more

Podcast 411: Guest Amberly and Dani Rothfield

Podcast 411: This week on the show as we are close to closing out 2020 we have our absolute favorite persons on the show which is the talented Amberly and Dani Rothfield! Whether it’s talking sexy time or moving dead bodies somehow they make everything more interesting. This time for instance Amberly recounts the time … Read more

Podcast 410: Guest Johnny Goodluck

Podcast 410: This week we are joined by the dynamic and many-talented Johnny Goodluck. We had no idea what to expect with Johnny on the show but as it turns out he’s as chill and good-natured as they come and we had a lot of fun talking with him about his work and how it … Read more

Podcast 409: Beef is Wigging Out As We Do News

Podcast 409: This week Beef is starting to crack under the strain of lock-down and beard growth but he sticks with it enough to get some sexy time news laid down with us. In this episode, we’ve got chests too hot for aircraft, mom’s split pants, and a bunch more. Join us! To follow along … Read more