Wholesome Addiction: 109

It’s a brief history of porn, from the 1970s to now. Join us for a conversation about the wild and funky jungles, porn music, the golden 80s, and today as we explore our favorite topic throughout our lifetime. News brings us Pam Anderson and her dog, CGI porn condoms, nekkid dating on VH1, and Charlie … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 108 – Guest Pleasure Mechanics

We host a lovely pair of sensual-education-ambassadors with the return of the Pleasure Mechanics’ Charlotte and Chris this week to talk about their latest release of step-by-step learning – erotic spanking. News brings us Kate Upton sans gravity, Vivid offers to shut the backdoor teen mom up or pay her, and joy of joys – … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 107

Can you tell the difference between fashion and porn? It turns out it’s pretty difficult according to the online test we discovered. Join us as we discuss why that might be. We check out T Lee Alexis’ book Married Couple Seeks Girlfriend in this week’s erotica segment. The news brings us: more naked news for … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 106

We await the age of the gynoid this week as we discuss sex dolls and how close humanity is to building one that will work like the ones in our imagination. In the news, we talk about Brigham Young’s self-love battlefield, online dating, naked Latinas, tree sex fail, and Christy and Mack’s love of Lego. … Read more