Wholesome Addiction: 169

Strange sexual fetishes: they’re more common than you think. We go over a list of 25 of them and see how many we can tick the boxes on. We take a look at some porn and debate the comfort and effectiveness of Duluth Naked Underwear then ask Op how many times he’s ordered pizza for women … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 168

We return to the cast this week with Sean’s voice mostly better and spin some fantastic tales of men. Then, because he really can’t seem to stop doing it, Sean finds some very extreme women doing amazing things – then makes everybody else watch it.  

Wholesome Addiction: 167

Cast 167, where our intrepid heroes gab about 12 types you shouldn’t date but most likely will anyway. We are pretty sure that we’ve talked about Charlotte McKinney before but seeing as how she is jaw-dropping sexy – we do so again. Also, more stuff and things related to nakedness and porn.