Podcast 379: Sexy News!

Podcast 379: What can I say about this show, it was, in fact, a show. 379 will go down in the annuals of cast history as – a cast. We have a lot of fun and basically make fun of each other the whole time as per usual. To follow along and check out the … Read more

Podcast 378: Listener Questions

Podcast 378: This week on the show we take some time out to answer some of your questions! Its always some of the most fun we have on the cast when we read and answer questions from you guys and this week is no exception. Join us! To follow along and check out the show … Read more

Podcast 377: Guest Lexi Luna

Podcast 377: We are joined this week by the stunning Lexi Luna. What’s even more surprising than her smile is how genuinely warm and funny she is. We are also here to witness that the fact that she did the entire cast in a fuzzy bunny costume had nothing to do with the cute vibes … Read more

Podcast 376: Guest Kimber Haven

Podcast 376: Guest Kimber Haven is on the show! Ya’ll, buckle up and put your grown-up pants on because if you are thin-skinned at all you might want to skip this one. I can’t think of a group that didn’t get at least a little bit of crazy on them in this one. Be prepared … Read more