Wholesome Addiction: 138

Stories of a few folks that turned to being an escort or strippers instead of working a low-end gig. We can’t help but side with them as the economic reality is something of a no brainer. Also on the cast, we check out a few listener questions and are left speechless by the work of … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 137

Sexless marriages; this week we sound off on an article we read recently then generally drift onto other things – you know, a normal show for us. We also read a letter from our homie Melkorsbane and wonder at what might be the world’s most perfect ass while checking out some porn clips. The sticky-quickie-minute … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 136

This week on the show we talk about the celebrity photo leaks and how this is being handled plus what we think of the people that stole them. We talk dick piercings in response to a listener question and find a few sweet links. In the news, we chat about Kiera Knightly, Lena Headley, boob … Read more