Podcast 462: A Bewitching Brunette

Podcast 462: We watch a lot of spicey videos and read some of your letters on the show this week. There is a certain bewitching brunette in the videos we are watching that we find out Beef could be made to commit major felonies for. We also have several theories on Sean you guys write … Read more

Podcast 460: Wild Life and Other 2022 Things

Podcast 460: We are back on the mic as a Trio for the first cast of 2022! We chat about videos, review the first Video Game that loves you back, then roll through some super sexy news for you! It’s good to be here in the new year! To follow along and check out the … Read more

Podcast 459: Guest: Amberly Rothfield – Part 2

Podcast 459: Welcome to part 2 of the Amberly Rothfield interview! Guess what, she’s on a train! In what Sean thinks is the best story ever Amberly recounts one of the strangest calls she’s ever had a sex line operator and Sean totally agrees. Join us for just the best thing ever! 

Podcast 457: Last Beefy Goodness of 2021

Podcast 457: This will be the last cast with all three of your hosts this year. We’ve got a great interview lined up for the actual last cast of 2021 but this will be the last one with Beefy until 2022 – Join us!

Podcast 456: Tales of The Weird

Podcast 456: Join us for some weird insights into the world of the strange. Sean apparently has a thing for homeless goth girls, Beef is going to start searching for the Blair Witch, and the Operator round things out by being relatively normal by all accounts.  To follow along and check out the show notes … Read more

Podcast 455: Happy Thanksgiving!

Podcast 455: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! This cast has absolutely nothing to do with Turkey Day except that’s the day we are releasing it and for once I get to use the Your Welcome image – We like the cut of your socks. To follow along and check out the show notes they … Read more

Podcast 454: Guest: Aria Carson

Podcast 454: This week we have the lovely and talented Aria Carson on the show with us! She lays down how she got into the industry some crazy stories and the continuing lunatic behavior behind OnlyFan’s recent policy decisions. She is an absolute delight to talk to and we can’t wait for you guys to … Read more

Podcast 453: Quality You’ve Come To Expect

Podcast 453: There are times when we are at the top of our game. When the jokes free flow into a casting fugue state that cements us at the top of our field. Those are our favorite casts and wind up being gold, show we look back to during the bad times and reminisce. We … Read more