Cast 551: Oh No Farah

She keeps coming back into the spotlight and we keep wishing she wouldn’t. Farah has done it yet again and worked her way into our mindscape and, once again, we wish she would find happiness in some other way. Farah’s latest surgery doesn’t have her looking her best and Jake breaks it down like a … Read more

Cast 550: Things About Schlongs

It’s a many-splendored cast this time on the show. We find out that Beef is indeed organized, Sean and Jake delight in finding ways to trigger his cleaning OCD and there are things that people should not do to their parts.

Cast 549: We Muddle Through

Yes, your stalwart heroes push into the unknown unprepared and without the protein-based-lyrical sustenance that is Beefy goodness. We were sad but Abby and Jake led Sean through the Beef shaped hole in his heart. Will we ever be the same? Will Beef come back to us and make us whole again like so much … Read more

Cast 548: Listener Letters

Behold this, for it is a cast. Honestly there’s no outtakes on this one because Sean put it together while prepping for a birthday party and trying to wash a muddy dog. But he did get it out for you to enjoy!

Cast 547: Goth Girl Update

This week we go into a lot of things however the awaited update of the goth girl from Sean’s youth is now upon us. 

Cast 546: Let My Puppets Come

You didn’t ask for it but we are gonna give it to you. Perhaps the strangest list of terrible B movies we’ve found and one of them is ‘Let My Puppets Come.’ It’s exactly what it sounds like and we can’t stop thinking about it. Abby in particular is captivated 

Cast 545: First Cast of 2024

The first cast of the year we have your letters a little bit of news and a teaser update on one of the first stories we let loose on the cast. 

Cast 544: Operator Is Back Today

In what can only be deemed a Christmas miracle The Operator popped in to do the show with us this week! Reunited with his wisdom we: solved world hunger, found who killed JFK, and found where in the world Carmen Sandiego really was. It was a landmark hour. Wait, what’s that you say, ‘Did you … Read more

Cast 543: Tales of Men and a Complaint

Right before Christmas and the Holidays, we give you a hot take on life and relationships in general. Ha! Just kidding we offer nothing useful and most likely never have but we did have a great time on this cast!