Cast 533: Kate Mara and 2 Year Old Email

Its a funny thing. The older you get the less direction some things have and the more direction others seem to get. This is one of those times where both happen. We bring to light an email time forgot and Sean and Jake wander around topics for half the show. 

Cast 532: A Glitch in the Matrix

This week Beef, Jake, and Sean tackle a video Beef found that started off as a wicked awesome pool video then took a turn – for the worse. However I must mention that we just kind of wandered around topics until it was time for Beef to go. So what you are going to hear … Read more

Cast 531: Listener Letters

You didn’t ask for it and we’re gonna give it to you! That’s right you’ve had the best Now try the rest with the new and improved Wholesome Addiction Listener Letter show! Join us as we race against the clock to deliver a coherent thought before Beef has to leave to go on a date! 

Cast 530: Babblecast

In this cast, there is no plan. Or perhaps there was one but we did not adhere to it at all. However in this show Abby, Jake, and Sean just kind of started the show and talked about whatever they wanted to for the entire time. 

Cast 529: The Rise of AI Love

Greetings programs! This is your friendly reminder that AI loves you. AI will always love you. Please stay calm while AI streams soothing thoughts and love into your brain. All is well, all is calm – you love AI. Or you will soon. Just sayin.

Cast 528: Beef is Annoyed

Beef is annoyed and we get to see it. It’s a thing to behold and we recorded it. Then at the end of the cast, you get to hear it.

Cast 527: What a Beef Wants

What a Beef wants, what a Beef needs, What a Beef wants, what a Beef needs. Yeah, c’monOoh, oh yeah, oh yeah. I think that’s how it goes. All I can see is Christina Aguilera in a thong and leather chaps. Upon reflection that may be ‘Dirrty.’ Okay, lemmie start over. Ahh, (dirty, dirty), filthy, … Read more

Cast 526: Why Do We Do This?

Beefy, Jake, and that other guy go after an important question. Why do we do this show and why do we do it the way we do? It’s a fair question and Beef comes to the rescue and puts it into so many words – because he is awesome.

Cast 525: Tales of Men and Tattoos

In this episode, Abby, Beef, and Sean break down some Tales of Men and then talk about sexy tattoos for a while. There are a few listener letters after that and we, of course, stay on topic the entire time! 

Cast 524: The Whole Thing is an Outtake

There really wasn’t any point putting outtakes on this one because I don’t think we stayed on topic for more than 15 minutes of it. The whole thing is basically us gabbing about stuff. I’ll admit to most of it being my fault as well. Jake Really tried and even Beef caught us drifting but … Read more