Wholesome Addiction: 093

It’s all Hallows Eve here at Wholesome Addiction! We’ve got costumes and dress-up, Wookie sex, some great “Snack Witch” Twinkie porn from S.W. McAllister on the erotica segment then listener D sends in a few amazing questions for us to answer. In news, we talk: Cam girls, Jenna Marbles, Virgin Be Gone, and the love … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 092

Vacation sex: The allure of being someone else, somewhere else, and living a fantasy sexual situation is a pretty basic concept. This week your humble WA crew talks about their experiences, victories, and failures in this arena. Beef has his moment as a subject matter expert when we talk Alicia Pierce’s excerpt on changing room … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 091

Today we enter the past experiences with scary sexual encounters. Ones where you were turned on but things were very… not right. Join us as we relive the crazy. In erotica, we have the honest writings of Unnatural Desire and his request to overcome male stoicism. In news we’ve got: golf streakers, Ms. Cyrus offered … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 090 Guest Mrs Sean (Shannon)

This week we have a special guest – Sean’s wife! Mrs. Sean sits in and gives us her recommendation of the week and tells us what she looks for in porn and erotica in general. In news we’ve got free vibrators for government workers, penis maps, Esquire’s sexiest woman, NoFap, and Dino porn erotica. We … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 089

We take a trip down memory lane on cast 89 as we examine our childhood fantasies. In news we check out: the c-string, a moron from Austin, a man who LOVES his Range Rover, another idiot who makes the rest of us look bad when he gets a dream threesome, FEMEN, Hef, and the backdoor … Read more