Podcast 387: We Love Julia Fox

Podcast 387: Happy late Father’s Day! This cast was recorded on the day of dads and what do fathers do on this historic day – talk about sex and nasty things of course! Join us for our love for Julia Fox and other fine addictions on cast 387! To follow along and check out the … Read more

Podcast 386: Boop!

Podcast 386: Gather around my brothers and sisters and witness what happens when your boys get drunk and decide to have a cast anyway. I’ll be honest if this is the first one of our casts you are downloading you might want to pick another show. There are more outtakes on this one than there … Read more

Podcast 385: Crew Rants and Listener Letters

Podcast 385: Join us this week as The Operator and Beef go off the rails for a change and give you a few good rants on the cast this week. Sean also goes off on the future of relationships and we read some listener mail. It’s a full-bodied cast this week you won’t want to … Read more