Wholesome Addiction: 042

The ridiculous nature of porn plots is on our mind this week. How we few them and why we need them to be as out there as they are. In erotica we check out Dos Cleve’s ‘Sorority Girl’ wake after party wake up story. The Operator selects a few great porn hotness clips with Molly … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 041

We delve into body types, perception and the media in today’s cast. We also wonder at how Tera managed to create an entire world and send a character she largely created herself out into that world to have a some sexy adventures in with her writing skills. Operator presents us with the 90’s Asian hotness … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 040

‘What does he really mean when he says…’ One sees this kind of thing pop up everywhere but to our minds its never really answered correctly. So to add to the pile we take a stab at it ourselves in this weeks feature segment. We take a hard look at Velvet Tripp’s story ‘A Woman … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 039

In honor of our friend Nightwing stopping by on the cast we declare this ‘The French Cast’ and French kissing and all around smoothness is the order of the day. Operator prepares a bevy of sweet talking French porn with Christine Young and Katsuni in our Porn Hotness segment. Add to that the total win … Read more