Podcast 265: Camping

We return with a show this week after Sean’s birthday and Beef went camping. And does Beef have an almost story for you! We also take care of a few listener questions and prepare for the upcoming wedding of the Operator in typical WA style! To follow along and check out the show notes they … Read more

Podcast 264: Medical Exam – Charli McKenna

This week we celebrate Minxy Panda and Charli Mckenna in Riot All Stars’ Medical Exam. Ya’ll need to check this out. We aren’t kidding. Our homie JJ hooked us up like crazy here AND we are introduced to the badassery of Charli McKenna. To say the least its an epic cast. Also, we learn that Beef likes Dragon member. Just saying, … Read more

Podcast 263: Vlad’s Game

We have the return of Vlad this week and that has us on a plane to Japan. Also, we cover the pros and cons of topless jogging and a flaming response letter to a previous show. Also, we have actual porn on the porn, I know, we were shocked too. To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 262: Strip Club Stories

Gather round boys and girls as we journey forth into storytime with Uncle Sean! This week Sean tells, at length, what happened the last time he went to the local strip club! We also field a very important question about breast size this week – because we aren’t afraid to tackle the important questions of … Read more