Podcast 360: That’s Your Sister

Podcast 360: Come children and hear a tale of such wonder that you will forever be changed by it. Witness and be amazed for this shall be the meridian of the temporal divide that shall mark the before and the after. Just kidding, its a show, we cover some news and stuff 25mins worth of … Read more

Podcast 359: Vegan and Horses

Podcast 359: In this vegan cast (Beef is on assignment this week… and by on assignment I mean he left us for a Vacation with Monkey Snow Angel. I mean really, would you pick a tropical island with a beautiful woman and booze over doing a podcast in your basement with your homies? I know … Read more

Podcast 358: Listener Letters

Podcast 358: We told you we’d do a listener letters show and of course, we did… a full month late. However, that is about par for us. Also Sean is completely broken by a list of Asian pics that disconnect his brain from its processing.  To follow along and check out the show notes they … Read more