Podcast 269

I’m not quite sure what we were on this time out but whatever it was we need more of it. On the 269 ‘cast we discuss the impossible made real and Beef rejects this reality on the whole and tries to wake up from the matrix. Also, there are a few nope moments and lady … Read more

Podcast 268: Megan Fox

This week on the show we cover a great number of things such as, never spend money thinking you’re getting Megan Fox when what you’re actually getting is not Megan Fox. Wise words that can help all our lives. This week on the show while doing all our life lessons Op has pink eye, Beef … Read more

Podcast 267: Apolonia Lapiedra

We examine some new talent in the industry as we check out work from Apolonia Lapiedra in this weeks show. We also take a look at a few recommendations that you the listeners have sent our way. And for some reason, some folks think boobs were out at some point? We don’t think so.  To follow along … Read more

Podcast 266: Cooking With What?

This week: Cooking with Semen! No, we aren’t kidding this is a thing. Also, we take a listener question and make fun of Sean’s love of Rom-Com’s. Join us! To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE