Podcast 317: Listener Questions and Destroyed Hind-Ends

Podcast 317: We open up the holes of glory this week on the show and read off questions from you the listeners! We wouldn’t say we answer them but we do have responses! Join us for this and a report of a completely destroyed hind-end of a beloved adult star!  To follow along and check … Read more

Podcast 316: Elf Sex and Other Things That Never Happened

Podcast 316: This week on the show we bid farewell to a legend and try and fathom what the hell is going on in Iceland. Apparently whatever it is they’ve got the folks in Cali all hot and bothered.  To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE

Podcast 315: Guest: Kelley Cabbana

Podcast 315: This week on the show we are joined by the completely wonderful and talented Kelley Cabbana! Sean is a little upset at first but he gets over it quickly when Kelley joins us and wraps us around her sexy finger.