Wholesome Addiction: 126 – Guest Ela Darling

We’ve got some sweet sex news stories on the show this week but we don’t really care about that because Ela Darling stopped in to hang and chat about the state of porn and generally geek out with us! Join us for what we know to be one of our favorite WA casts ever!

Wholesome Addiction: 125

Listener Vlad sends us another of his famous games! This time trying to thwart Sean’s inevitable cheating ways – it both works and it doesn’t. Listener Cody asks us about shower sex and of course we break the sexy news down like a fraction for you. This week the news brings us: gummi sex, robot … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 124

Our topic of choice this week is Women Taking Charge During Sex. We love it; we’d like it to happen more often – just say’n. In news we’ve got: the origin of the world, Google and porn ads, cleaning dildos, figurines, and 5 sex acts one writer regrets. We answer a question from listener Lou. … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 123 – Guest Rach Wilson

This week we have an esteemed guest in the form of Rach Wilson on the show with us to talk about her project ‘Intelligent Sex’, human sexuality in general, and why we need a safe place to talk about it! In our erotica segment, we run down just how awesome the sharp-witted Queeraschino Cherry is … Read more