Podcast 222: Big Badda Boom

This week we are a touch lost. The Operator couldn’t join us this week due to his computer went boom. Not a little boom, big boom. Big Badda Boom. So though we were a man down we did a show regardless. Mutli-Pass.

Podcast 221: Listener Letters

This week on the show we do news and field a few listeners questions including one question featuring a giant backlog of comments on the meaning of what we are blabbing on about on older shows. Also bewbs and booty pong. Join us! To follow along and check out the show notes they can be … Read more

Podcast 220: Kinky Recs

This week on Wholesome Addiction: Beef is a bit tipsy, Sean picks some videos (expect different there) and The Operator valiantly tries to hold the show together. How does this differ from other shows? Easy, we recorded this show after those shows so likes like its from the future to those shows but in the … Read more

Podcast 219: Old Men Talk About Stuff

Join us this week on the show as we find out Sean can neither go to Sport Clips or find a show to watch that isn’t a romantic comedy. Op tells us a story, and Beef is annoyingly beloved by all.  To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found HERE