Podcast 247: Rampant

Rampant, that’s what we have on this week’s cast – Rampant Awesome Statues, and Beef goes on a date. Plus we aren’t sure what’s happening to Trouble in the background but we’ve got a pretty good idea. You tell us… are we wrong? To follow along and check out the show notes they can be … Read more

Podcast 246

We cover a lot of ground this week on the show. Not the least of which is how we might finally have a Wholesome Addiction meetup. It will be glorious and sweet (we think) but none of that matters. None of that matters because Sean found Phoenix Marie and is now one-track-minded. Seriously ya’ll he’s … Read more

Podcast 245: Yanet

Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games, We got everything you want… text edited to avoid copyright issues… we made a show. We got cartwheeling teachers and Yanet – what could you possibly want better than that? We didn’t even have to use our AK. We gotta say its been a good day.  … Read more

Podcast 244: Babydolls Strip Club

This week on the show Beef and Sean take a trip to BabyDolls, the WA endorsed strip club of choice. The details and names may be a bit on the fuzzy side but the fun we had certainly isn’t. Also, we check out friend of the show Author Angela Crum and her latest story which … Read more