Wholesome Addiction: 063

We go around the world looking for what kind of porn habits the world searches for this week –  turns out to be educational and a trifle scary at times but lots of fun. In news we’ve got: Wonder Woman XXX, B Gates and his Christmas condom wish, Chyna as She Hulk, Game of Thrones … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 062 – Trampstampia

As we recover from strip clubs, parties, and the last podcast we take a little time to go over some news including Euro porn bans, Parisian prostitution, Amsterdam hooker twins retire, couples vibrators vagina trivia, Apple’s aversion to hotness and sex in space. During the Recommendations of The Week, we’ve got Beef’s like in porn, … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 061

This week on the cast your Wholesome Addiction crew has their yearly strip club outing. Our friend Nightwing of Legends Podcast joins the cast and we compare the differences between real and fantasy as it relates to strippers and porn alike. Also Nightwing gives his real response to Vlad’s question from a while back.

Wholesome Addiction: 060

Friend of the cast Vlad has come up with a few ‘what if’ scenarios that are laser targeted and difficult to answer – but we try to anyway. Vicky Archer’s erotica learns us we need to get out and ride a bike more often. The Operator goes crazy with vids featuring Natasha Nice and Ash … Read more