Podcast 186: Does Size Matter

The age-old question: does size matter? Everybody has an answer for that particular question. Some guys don’t wanna know, some think they do, and some don’t care because their nickname in college was something like “Beercan” or “Horse Junk” In any event we cover this topic with all the integrity you’ve come to expect from … Read more

Podcast 185: Porn & More Porn

Operator, what do you need? Porn: lots of porn. That’s right ya’ll we’re bringing you nasty clips, dancing Ozzies, grinding hips, and POV straight from Satan’s stash. This week its lots-o-fapping courtesy of your local porn slingers. You’re Welcome.

Podcast 184: Sexy News

One of these three things is true: Beef had a wild west gunfight with a wedge of cheese; The operator and Sean stole an Imperial walker and drove it to Fatburger; we did a news show and talked about ninja nun sex. I know, all of those things have equal truthiness sounds to them. Listen … Read more

Podcast 183: Strange Things Men Pay For

This week we take a look at the strange things men pay prostitutes for. We’re pretty sure that covers just about everything anybody can think of and they might have some of the best stories out there. Also this week more on how the Duggers’ sweetness and light Josh is making for great podcast content. … Read more

Podcast 182: Sex and Religion

And lo we three were tasked to render unto thee a cast of the pod. And so did we finish our work of the flesh, saw that it was good and holy, and then did we disperse our cast unto the people. And the people did consume it. They in turn saw that it was good … Read more