Podcast 384: Guest Rebecca Vanguard

Podcast 384: This week we are releasing the cast a little early as there is some time-sensitive info to it! So for Memorial Day, we give you our most excellent interview with our incredibly lovely and talented guest – Rebecca Vanguard. She is smart as a whip and wildly fun to talk to. So sit … Read more

Podcast 383: The Chastity Beard

Podcast 383: Are you suffering from a serious case of chastity beard? Are you short of thick piles of seed gushing from your triumphant veiny member of society?  Answers to these questions and more are not contained within this cast. Though we do talk at length about them for no apparent reason. To follow along … Read more

Podcast 382: Our Top 10 Lists

Podcast 382: This week we have our Top 10 Lists from each of us! Some of it is what you expect and sometimes we learn a little bit about ourselves. But in either case, we have a great time rolling through the lists! Join us! To follow along and check out the show notes they … Read more

Podcast 381: Guest Sera Moon

Podcast 381: Join us this week as the completely lovely Sera Moon stops by the cast to talk to us! That’s right we’ve got a girl on the show and some awesome sexy news going on. I mean, all this plus Beef learns what TikTok is really for. To follow along and check out the … Read more

Podcast 380: Guest Monica Mars

Podcast 380: This week we have the amazing and talented guest Monica Mars hanging out with us on the show! She’s got great stories a fantastic outlook and – like all of us – she’s a little in love with Beef. I mean, who isn’t ya know?