Podcast 442: Guest Coralyn Jewel

Podcast 442: This week The Operator and Sean host our most sexy guest Coralyn Jewel. She’s a renascence woman of the highest order and Sean is a little in love. Join us for this smart ladies’ sit down with us!

Podcast 441: The Used Underwear Market

Podcast 441: Behold listeners it is a new cast full of excellence! We are again a trio and have world-changing topics like cardboard beds, the used underwear market, and flatulence sniffing! You don’t have to thank us, we do it for you!  To follow along and check out the show notes they can be found … Read more

Podcast 440: I Can’t Believe its Not Beef

Podcast 440: This week on the show there is no Beef. We know, we know, it’s a sad day for us as well but even as Beef abandoned us The Operator and Sean soldier on and bring you a show chocked to the gills with soapboxing and sexy type news – but mostly soapboxing. To … Read more

Podcast 439: Beef Loses His Mind

Podcast 439: You might think this cast is about Zendaya being in Dune, and in part, it is. You might think this is a sexy newscast, and in part, it is. You might also think that a full half of the cast is Beef losing his mind about a full-on glitch in the Matrix and, … Read more

Podcast 438: Guest: Goddess Lilith

Podcast 438: This week on the show Goddess Lilith joins us on the show. Whatever you think you’re ready for, I promise this is different from that. We had a ball with Lilith with topics that ranged from bug to death metal. We’re not kidding you guys, strap in and enjoy this cast you won’t … Read more