Podcast 427: Iggy Ain’t Got Time for You

Podcast 427: The Operator has some beautiful vids for you guys to watch. Then we roll into the best news segment you guys are going to hear all week. Why is it the best news, because Beef reads some of it of course! As I write this it still sounds funny, we also cover some … Read more

Podcast 426: All Things Sexy and Wholesome

Podcast 426: In this episode of Wholesome Addiction, we check out what the Operator is watching then roll right into some great sexy news! We cover such wholesome topics like China is nixing the doll market, fathers should not marry daughters, creepy things women do and more! Join us! To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 425: Stinky Crotch Cream – That is not a misprint

Podcast 425: Madonna’s boobs, Matt’s gaff, mashable’s list, and a stinky crotch cream that promises to change the way your personal smell works. Nope, that’s not clickish baiting – we’ve got that and a ton more on this week’s show. Oh yeah, plus phallic art you can buy on Etsy, because of course you can.  … Read more

Podcast 424: News and Letters for You

Podcast 424: Greetings and welcome to episode 424 of Wholesome Addiction! Are your hands pregnant? Have you created a giant pleasure stick for aliens? Is global warning shrinking your man-equipment? Join us for the answers to these and other important questions like what is Sean watching and how many tattoos are too many this week … Read more