Podcast 254: Thundarr, Riiiiiiddddddde!

Riiiiiidddde! That’s right ya’ll we remember the suggestive animation that is Thundarr the Barbarian and his sexy magic princess Ariel this week on the show. Then we move into more traditional topics like butt stuff that comes out the other direction – no, that isn’t a typo. Join us for this strange journey this time out … Read more

Podcast 253: Princess Lingerie

This week on the show we discover $24 Disney princess lingerie, that Beef wants to be Freddie Mercury when he grows up and that Mrs. Sean has a thing for Malena Morgan. All in all its a voyage of discovery and entertainment this time out on Wholesome Addiction. To follow along and check out the show … Read more

Podcast 252: Panda

You may know Johnny hates jazz but did you also know Beef hates pandas? You will after this week. And yes, I just made an 80’s pop reference to describe Beef’s fear of sexual furry. But you won’t be able to listen to Shattered Dreams anymore without seeing Beef in a furry panda suit. Such … Read more

Podcast 251: Happy Birthday Beef

Happy birthday to Beef! That’s right ya’ll, its Beef’s birthday as we record this and we all gather around to give him the most crap we can… which is what good friends are for. Also, the Operator is back and Sean’s house lives through a hail storm. Somewhere in there we also talk about porn, … Read more