Wholesome Addiction: 067

Join us this week as we catch up on our favorite subject – porn! Our listener friend Vlad sends us a few questions to answer which he assures us will involve sex this time. In  news we cover: People’s most beautiful… well, people, topless politicians, sexiness from 1931, Miss LaCroix’s Anal Hazing, Amazon hates sex, … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 066

This week our friend Vince from Op’s local comic shop stops by to talk about sex in comics and how its developed over the last 60 years. In news we have Sex Cereal, VA sucks, topless protesting, bra-free boobs, Breastaurant’s, and Jordan’s common sense policies on porn. We are taken for a sexy cosplay ride … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 065 – Guest Naki

We are graced with the arresting intellect of our friend and fellow ‘caster Naki who walks us through some of the situations that occur when working in a sex shop – its both better and worse than you think. The Operator tries to bake Beef’s noodle with porn clips from Arial and Riley Reid. And … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 064

We ponder the meaning of ‘sexy’ this week on the show and what that means to us with an excellent ‘What-if’ game. In news we talk Miss Rubber 2013, nude scenes of 2012, Beef’s beach closing, head for a Caddy, hookers from the turn of the century, and sexy calf nursing. In Erotica Lexi Rose … Read more