Podcast 215: Not Just For Dinner

Superstylin and profilin we roll through some supa sexy news and hotness like a Boss. Okay, maybe not like a Boss with a capital B but maybe more like middle-management with a bomb-ass TPS report. Okay, maybe not a bomb-ass TPS report but maybe more like a really neatly, handwritten, sticky note. Cuz that’s how … Read more

Podcast 214: Boob Tricks

Hello fellow fans of boobs and porn! We too enjoy these things and have made a cast to celebrate it. In said cast we talk about how April O’Neil is indeed April O’Neil, we marvel at women that can hold bottles with their boobs, hope Japan will never change, and watch awesome vids of people … Read more

Podcast 213: Stories and Awesome

This week on the show we solve the mysteries of the universe, calculate pi to 100 places, then ponder what it would be like if sexbots were real. Okay maybe not those first two things but that sexbot deal – we totally have thoughts on that. Join us, or forever wonder what truths we uncover! … Read more

Podcast 212: We Salute The Man

Its a bit late and a little on the short side but still the boys deliver in fine style here in cast 212. We salute a fallen hero and check out some of the sexiest news available in this edition of sexy hotness… okay as sexy as three middle-aged men staying up past their bedtime … Read more