Wholesome Addcition: 117

Things guys do: sure we aren’t mysterious like the female of the species but that doesn’t mean we gents don’t do some strange stuff – this week we celebrate that strangeness. Our erotica segment finds us face to face with Jessica Satin’s sexy tale of beauty and the beast. We are joined by Beef’s friend … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 116

This week we: catch up on some porn, agree that Amber Lynn Bach is the MILF of our dreams, debate how Beef does wireless recharging in silk boxers, listen to Sean rant on hot chicks that make guys feel bad about not being hot chicks, give you the low down on Sweetmeats Press and what … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 115

Slutshaming – it must stop. We chat about how our culture is treating its women and why we need to change that. Then we let WonderHussy take us on a little ride on what its like to be around a porn set all day in our erotica segment. We answer a listener question about being … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 114

Sex sells, we all know that – but to what degree? We break how sex hits us everywhere we go this week and where it comes from. Our roving reporter Sweetleaf visits a euro bordello for us and gives the report back. We check out ‘Crazy Sex Chat’ from Dorothy Black on our erotica segment. … Read more