Podcast 420: News Abounds and Op Picks Vids

Podcast 420: After Sean is recovering from Texas weather and Beef continues to search for positive, female company, we humbly gather to perform a show. This week on the show we check out what the Operator is watching, run through some sexy news, and answer a few letters. Join us for this green-friendly episode of … Read more

Podcast 419: The Return Of Vids

Podcast 419: We thought we’d get back to some good old-fashioned sexy clips this week. Yes, we know it’s a bit out of character for us to cover that type of thing on our show where that is indeed the topic but we thought we’d change it up a bit. Just remember, you did say … Read more

Podcast 418: Preserved For Posterity

Podcast 418: As we continue to figure out how the new year is going to be your wholesome trio labor forth to bring you a show! Not a great show, maybe not even a good show. In fact, lower your expectations to what you’ve come to expect from us. Now you’re in the right frame … Read more

Podcast 417: Sean Was Right, Crom Help us

Podcast 417: We really hate it when Sean is right. I mean we really aren’t fans of it. However, we’ve been sent some news that puts us up against that scenario. This week we’ve also got some stories about the most secret CIA operative in the world and one woman wants to talk to him. … Read more