Podcast 357: News and Random Related Things

Podcast 357: Have you ever watched Amish go at it? Neither had we but we did on this cast. Also: Operator nearly dies and Trouble nearly dies laughing, Trapper Keepers, Alex Coal is sexy as all get out, and some awards for naked time on today’s cast. Join us! To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 356: We Go Off The Rails

Podcast 356: In podcast 356 we go off the rails. No really, We spent so much time gabbing before the show I had to include about a third of it just because, well, we had to include it. Sure, there’s talk of sexiness and adult content before the outro music but a good bit of … Read more

Podcast 355: Listener Letters

Podcast 355: Listener letters! No really, we did it this time and did it right. Plus we learned Beef doesn’t like sounding. Hey, who knew, am I right?