Podcast 391: Listener Letters – Don’t Pick On Beef!

Podcast 391: This week we do something we’ve been looking forward to for a while – answering some listener letters! What we learned is you guys love Beef to death! Join us for what we are sure is going to be a life lesson in picking on the most popular host on the cast! To … Read more

Podcast 390: Guest: Lauren Phillips

Podcast 390: We are so lucky and happy to host the completely lovely and talented Lauren Phillips on the cast this week. As it turns out she is one of the sweetest and adorable guests we’ve ever had to join us. We loved talking with her and know you will too! To follow along and … Read more

Podcast 389: Guest: Amberly Rothfield 2020 – Pt.2

Podcast 389: Join us as we release the conclusion of the interview with our favorite guest, Amberly Rothfield, this week on the cast! This half of the cast gets serious, playful, and downright crazy towards the end. As always Amerbly is a treasure and we love her to death! 

Podcast 388: Guest: Amberly Rothfield 2020 – Pt.1

Podcast 388: Join us as we welcome back our favorite guest to the show! That’s right, Amberly Rothfield joins us this week to become the longest-running guest we’ve ever had on the show for her 4th time appearing on WA! We love Amberly and if you’ve never heard her before we are sure you will … Read more