Podcast 346: Maverick and Assorted Bubblers

Podcast 346: This week on the show we learn things. For instance, did you know that a water fountain isn’t called that? Do you hate Canadian Beer? Is a story about Maverick from Top Gun completely not moving on and becoming ‘That Guy From High School’ a strange thing that makes you uncomfortable but you … Read more

Podcast 345: The Best Sexy A Listener Can Get

Podcast 345: We rally this week as our lost brother rejoins us for this excellent episode of the show. We’ve got everything from Lindsay Lohan and Cuba’s toy industry to wicked hot girls that like to squeeze you till you bleed. Check it out my homies! To follow along and check out the show notes … Read more

Podcast 344: Jaime and Margo are the same person – and Mail

Podcast 344: We found proof that we might live inside the Matrix. Don’t believe me? Okay try this, splice Jaime Pressly and Margo Robbie’s faces together, and tell me what’s happening at that point.  Trinity: How much like it, was it the same cat? Neo: Might have been, I’m not sure. Also, we reach into the mailbag and … Read more