Podcast 273: Rudderless

The Operator left Beef and Sean by themselves for this show. We huddled for warmth and generally cried a little bit. Then did some sexy news and talked about Beef’s cat. Because that’s what happens when Operator isn’t here to guide us – it’s his fault really. To follow along and check out the show … Read more

Podcast 272: Boobs!

The Operator is confused this week by boobs. Listen in as he tells his tale of boobs at the mall and what he should do about it. Also, Sean’s other half is confused by a new toy she bought and throws up the bat signal for advice. Nope, we aren’t kidding, this all happened.  To … Read more

Podcast 271: Fireflies

We tackle the hard questions this time on the show. Like Frost/Nixon we get to the bottom of the challenging questions of our day like, how exactly did Kevin Costner land that Robin Hood gig? How long is long enough for Whitney Wisconsin to be an option? You know, we consider only the most important questions. … Read more

Podcast 270: The Future

We take a scary glimpse into the future and consider what is to become of the human race, sexually. Honestly, Sean wasn’t that scared but the rest of us should be terrified. Then we watch some naked people doing naughty things and we forgot about the future. Also, Beefs butt hurt.  To follow along and … Read more