Podcast 350: Don’t Inject Your Manhood, its Not Good

Podcast 350: Podcast 350: The life and times of folks who may have done things you don’t want to do. I’m not saying you’d want to but the option is available. However, we will say don’t inject your manhood with needles, you know, like, ever. Just an important tip from us to you.  To follow … Read more

Podcast 349: Stuff and Things

Podcast 349 will go down in history as… a cast – mostly like the other 348 we’ve done. I wrote a long description that was both epic and witty earlier. Then, the upload window of our podcast hosting provider apparently deemed it took too long so the browser timed out and I lost it. I … Read more

Podcast 348: You Tell Us What’s Up

Podcast 348: Sometimes you may think we don’t listen, but we do. Sometimes you may think Beef smells of man stink, he does. Sometimes you might wonder if Sean really does have a love for Rom-Com’s, Yes, yes he does. All those things are indeed true, but never worry that we don’t check our email … Read more

Podcast 347: Roll With The Good Times

Podcast 347: Did you know there is a school in Columbia where an adult star teaches students how to be adult stars? Neither did we but its true. We talk a bunch of truth this week including the only time we’ve ever seen Beef lose it and the one time Sean got high – spoilers, … Read more