Podcast 396: Guest Maya Sinstress

Podcast 396: This week on the show we host the lovely and enchanting Maya Sinstress! She’s got a huge thing for horror movies, taboo sexual subjects, and crazy birthday parties. Did we mention she’s got a forked tongue and her nips are tattooed up? Because yeah, that’s real. Join us and buckle up kiddos, this … Read more

Podcast 395: Automo-what?

Podcast 395: Everything from completely old news stories to the Automoblow – whom we call live on the show – we just about cover all the news fit to print this time on the show. Okay, all the news we care about anyway – cuz the rest of the news out there right now is … Read more

Podcast 394: Guest Joslyn Jane

Podcast 394: The week on the show we are joined with the beautiful and completely milf’ish Joslyn Jane! We talk with her on getting into porn what she likes about being a milf and how her being completely real is better for her than having some work done. We had a great time with her … Read more

Podcast 393: News and Rants

Podcast 393: It’s a blast from the past this week on the show. We actually recorded this over a month ago but because we had so many awesome guests it’s waited in the wings until now! Join us as we talk and rant about incredibly timely topics – from a month ago.  To follow along … Read more

Podcast 392: Guest Kate Kennedy

Podcast 392: Once in a while, we get to talk to folks that shine for everyone to see. Kate Kennedy is one of those people. We had such a great time with her and managed to talk about her early porn career, other job skills, BDSM, college is a racket, her new podcast. She’s got … Read more