Cast 537: Listener Letters and Aliens

This week your WA crew tackles some long-awaited hate mail and then discusses what aliens plus posterior jewelry looks like and which end you would use. There are some other topics as well but honestly, I can’t remember, this was two weeks ago for editing Sean and current Sean’s memory doesn’t go back that far.

Cast 536: Guest Madame Bella

Every once in a while we meet someone on the show who makes everyone around them smarter and better for having talked to them. This week Madame Bella of ‘Bella’s’ – a legal brothel in Wells Nevada – proves herself to be one such person. We had a great time, learned some things and we … Read more

Cast 535: Guest Pepper Kat

We have the lovely and talented Pepper Kat on the show this week! She is awesome and we have a great time talking with her about how she got into the industry and how she spends her time now. After the the interview (when we don’t have any supervision) we devolve into three old men … Read more

Cast 534: We like the Cut of Your Socks

How do we solve crime – hunches. That’s right fine listeners, it’s spooky season right now which means we don’t have a lot of time before the sexy pilgrim is back! Beef and Sean can’t wait and Jake is confused about what it all means but we are headed forward regardless! Join us!