Podcast 416: Listener Letters

Podcast 416: This week your hosts take a little time out to answer some of the mail that has been loading up. You’ve got questions and comments and we’ve got answers and thoughts! This time out Sean goes to hell, Beef is beautiful, Op and Sean try to explain to Beef what ballooning is, and … Read more

Podcast 415: Contents Under Pressure

Podcast 415: Have you ever heard a grown man go through an hour of podcasting under extreme pressure while his bowels threaten to eject under pressure? You’re about to. That’s right Beef has outdone himself this week and really, could you expect more from us? Don’t answer that, you most likely shouldn’t have. In any … Read more

Podcast 414: The Sexy News of The New Year

Podcast 414: Expectations vs. Reality. Real vs. Fake. In this slightly thoughtful cast, we go over how the world exists in its current iteration. Also, Sean is about to have to start paying due the bill on some of his wicked ways and he isn’t looking forward to it.  To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 413: Love in The Tomorrow

Podcast 413: Welcome, to the world of tomorrow! It’s no longer 2020 and in this, our first cast of the new year your ever so humble hosts start off the year with an argument. It seems we have differing views on our fate as a species and proceed to have it out for the better … Read more