Podcast 218: The Angry Show

This week we take a trip to the angry dome! We rant about everything we can think of including naps, getting old, young people and stupid folk. You know, basically a show. So join us as we break what’s wrong with the world today down like a fraction for ya. To follow along and check … Read more

Podcast 217: We Live in The Future

This week on the show we have an actual woman join us to answer some questions. We also find out Beef has been to the future, and had sex there – sort of. We know, it’s exciting and you can’t wait to hear about it. Go forth then my friend and download the show! To … Read more

Podcast 216: Mac and Cheese

We learn a great deal in this podcast, among those things this week is that Beef has a shells and cheese phobia. Who knew, right? I mean the man can stare down pain and death like no-bodies business but you give him a little squishy noise and some cheese sauce and he goes into the fetal … Read more