Podcast 193: Beef is Back

Prepare to witness the power of this fully armed and operational podcast! We talk crazy sex news, we read you listener letters, we get our ass totally handed to us with the best letter ever from a girl that really does exist, we make fun of Beef. Generally, a good time is had by all. 

Podcast 192: VIDS!

Without Beef on the cast this week the Operator and Sean decide to do nothing but porn this time out in tribute. And so they did: hot vids, strange vids, naughty vids, bondage vids, cosplay vids, and of course werewolf yeti vids. You heard me, werewolf yeti. Enjoy.

Podcast 191: Booty is Good

With beef headed off to exotic locales, we take a quick look at a few listener questions: everything from how to improve traffic to facials. Because we know what kind of thing peeps tune in for we’ve got a few fine vids in the show as well. Plus just because Beef loves you he comes … Read more