Podcast 488: Summer Suncare

This week on the show Shannon and Beef compare burns, we check out some news and read an exceptionally excellent and long letter.  To follow along and check out the show notes, they can be found HERE

Podcast 487: Tight Fit Week

This week Sean makes Beef roll through some tight-fitting videos and Beef isn’t having most of it. In news, there is a young lady that learns the phrase “Flared base or vanishes without a trace” the hard way. Then we read a letter from a Celtic Unicorn. Join us! To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 486: Vegans Be Gone

This is an odd one. Beef is on his own for most of the cast this time out because Sean is, let’s call it – occupied. Then Sean cuts in to tell you why and what happened and we finish with Beef’s brain kicking back on and telling you about a story he had almost … Read more

Podcast 485: Check Your Tags

We realize we are cruising a lot of videos from week to week but seriously some of these sites need to check the tags on the videos they post. Your boys are rolling through some content and wonder how anybody finds anything correctly with some of these errors. To follow along and check out the … Read more