Wholesome Addiction: 038

You really are just like the generations that came before you. Take a look at the photographic and pictorial evidence – they were just as messed up as you. Yep, cast 38 is all about vintage porn! We drool over Camille Crimson and her 5 reasons for giving blowjobs, tackle another bout of Flynn’s famous … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 037

We revisit Crash and Burn stories this time out with Crash and Burn 2: Epic Fails. That’s right we’ll take you on a few journeys of what happens when we gets all the signs wrong in very painful ways. We salute our friend Tera’s story of our logo girl Laila. In the erotica segment we … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 036

Our favorite and least favorite sexual positions are on our minds for ‘cast 36. Why we like them and how we get into them. We check out Belinda Higgs take on lapdancing and who should and shouldn’t do it in our erotica segment. In porn hotness Operator lays out a regimen of hot Raylene oral … Read more